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Organizations operating in the debt collection industry face many challenges every day. Handling cases requires hundreds of hours a month spent talking to debtors, making countless field visits, and processing various types of data. How does a company operating on the market for over 30 years cope with it? Is there room for digitalization and improvements among densely planned processes?

Managing a team requires many advanced organizational and communication skills. You face many challenges like effective task allocation, motivating people, defining responsibilities, and drawing conclusions. Things get even more complicated when you have field workers under your wings. Sounds familiar? Do you face this every day? What if we told you there is a tool that can relieve you of everyday work burden

The rapidly changing environment has a huge impact on banks’ offer and the IT systems and security they use. The digitalization that has been going on for several years has accelerated due to the pandemic, competition with fintech, as well as growing customer expectations. We invite you to take part in our speech and debate during the conference “Banking IT systems – security