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It´s here. We have just finish a new version of the VSoft Mobile Workforce. Among the most important functionalities available in the newest version is route optimization. The advantages of this functionality: the shortest route selection for daily planed tasks, time saving for field employee, greater efficiency, costs optimization. We invite you to download the newest version of the VSoft Mobile Workforce from Google Play.

The mobile Trends Awards are granted for these companies who successfully use mobile application in their projects. These awards are granted annually by the Award Committee headed by the IT and mobile technology experts. We have gained the nominee in the category: Business/For companies. All of you can help as to gain the award . We invite you to vote at unit 20 the

The improvements introduced not only boost the comfort of our clients' work, but also affect its results. The application update includes support for the OAuth 2 protocol in the public API, application security meeting the ASVS 4 standard in level 2, and support for logging in using ActiveDirectory accounts. As a part of the quarterly update, we also decided to expand VSoft Mobile Workforce with

The VSoft Mobile Workforce product has been supporting the everyday work of mobile employees for years. The application quickly and easily automates many tedious and repetitive activities, which allows companies to increase employee efficiency while minimizing its costs. VSoft Mobile Workforce is a tool full in precisely selected functionalities, however, thanks to the user friendly designed interface, navigating the application is intuitive and easy

New technologies are the future. Investments in intelligent solutions affect the development of the enterprise, give possibility to build its competitive advantage, affect revenues as well as the company's image. According to the new report 'Digital in 2018'* talking about the state of the digital market, over 4 billion people around the world use the internet! This means that almost half of the population