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Managing the field work means you need to remember about numerous interconnections, like in life. Performing an installation requires to prepare drawings and gather technical documentation, making a repair depends on delivering parts on time, and before visiting a customer to conclude a new contract it is necessary to agree on conditions and verify data first. In practice, this makes your teams’ to-do

Alongside our greatest hopes towards what 2021 has to provide for field service companies comes a new release of VMW. From now on one can have a group view of tasks by selecting multiple users or user groups in the calendar view, as well as days, weeks or months. Applying filters is a way to double check the selected types of tasks,

New VSoft Mobile Workforce will let you communicate with your clients easily, handle orders even better and manage the team of field workers more efficiently. Subsequent functions make the solution increasingly more interactive. In this version we focused on several aspects. First, communication, what resulted in a portal gathering feedback from a client. The application has been enriched with integration with SMS gateway, allowing

The new version of VSoft Mobile Workforce is a significant step forward compared to the previous version of the solution. The introduced changes are extremely important because, first of all, they meet the expectations of current users, but also meet the needs of those looking for specific functionalities that are missing in solutions currently available on the market. We feel that we have