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TOP 3 according to users – VSoft Mobile Workforce application in practice

VSoft Mobile Workforce is a tool that increases the efficiency of field teams, improves managers’ performance, improves the comfort of work, and automates many time-consuming processes. Its effectiveness is confirmed by data and our clients’ opinions. We describe particular functions below. Discover the TOP3 functions in our application.

Depending on the specificity of the work, the order of the TOP 3 functions described below may vary. However, according to user feedback, all these functions significantly improve task completion effectiveness.

#1 Task automation

Digitization of processes is a confident step forward. It helps manage tasks and documents more effectively and enables business scaling. Smooth information flow and processes automation save time that can be spent on other activities. What will our application help you with?

Task allocation

Thanks to the possibility of defining parameters such as working hours, days off, replacements, vacations, and location, the system automatically distributes tasks among team members. What’s more, you can add tags to define employees’ authorizations.

The application will take them into account when assigning tasks and create a plan tailored to the competencies and capabilities of your employees.

Electronic document workflow

This term stands for data security and real-time access to information. The feature allows staff to present personalized offers to customers and deliver the services on time, which is reflected in sales results and customer satisfaction.


The system improves communication within a team and between a team and a manager. Once a task is complete, the system sends a notification to the application admin (e.g., team manager) and updates the list of duties on the employee’s interface. This way, both parties know the current status of the work without having to contact each other. It is a great advantage, particularly when a field team consists of dozens of people.

#2 Route optimization

It is an indispensable function for drivers, field staff, and people who drive a lot during working hours. Avoiding traffic jams, road works, and other obstacles is a dream come true for those who spend most of the day behind the wheel. Therefore, it simply could not be missing in our application. Apart from an optimal arrangement of tasks along the route, the possibility of sharing a location is another convenient feature. How does it work? In the case of emergencies, a manager can check if an employee made it to their destination. It improves safety and helps control operating expenses resulting from the use of vehicles, which also relates to settling accounts, e.g., mileage allowances. The application generates trip reports and provides employees and managers with a reliable document which is the basis for the settlement. It is worth noting that the function is synchronized with the task schedule, so the system plans the routes to specific locations without user intervention. Employees get a ready-made plan which relieves them from searching, clicking, and planning. They have a tool that lets them focus on the task at hand.

#3 Reporting

In the modern day, we are constantly online. While there is a lot of truth in this statement, when you are working in the field, it sometimes happens that your device goes offline for prosaic reasons. Do you lose all the data you have entered during the day? Absolutely not. We have programmed the app so that it is possible to complete a report without access to the network. Once the connection is restored, the documents are sent to the server and a manager can see the effects of the work. 

Using VSoft Mobile Workforce increases the speed of reporting by almost 26%, mainly due to the fact that information is entered according to a key. The undoubted benefit is the digitization and structuring of data. A manager receives reliable information presented in a transparent way, which helps make good and quick decisions. Measuring results and data analysis enables improvements in the company, optimization, and choosing the direction for development. 

Our users emphasize that introducing the application to their company has increased team effectiveness. It translates into performance results and the realization of the set goals. 

The implementation of the application is carried out in cooperation between our experts and the client’s team. We help at every stage, answer questions and provide advice. We know from experience that getting familiar with the tool does not take much time. It is intuitive for users at different technological levels. Try it out. Take advantage of the 30-day trial period.