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Paperless company – how to keep your data safe

Field workers in the past and today – have there been any visible changes in this profession over the years? Why do more and more companies decide to digitize their processes? Is it worth digitalizing a company that employs only a few people? Of course, it is. Why? Security, quality of service, greater efficiency, and effectiveness are just a few benefits you can gain by keeping up with the technology-driven spirit of the times.

“In the past, an employee used to carry a stack of paper documents in a briefcase, make appointments over the phone, and hand-write important information in a notebook or a complicated form provided by a company. After returning home, they would rewrite all the information entering it into unfriendly and unresponsive systems. A tedious job was done twice,” – says Dawid Gębala, Product Owner at VSoft, in the Digital Lending Talks podcast.

Is it still like this today? In larger companies, to a much lesser extent. Technological progress has done its job. Management departments reach for numerous enhancements and modifications to increase team efficiency and make it easier for field workers to perform their daily duties.

Does this mean that smaller companies still haven’t embraced digitization? There are many different cases. Think about the last time you called a plumber, locksmith, or construction crew. Did they process the work order in an app or bring a thick notebook and some paper documents? Depending on your approach, processing orders can go two ways, but smaller companies still opt for traditional means. Why? Many owners and managers fear digitalization as they think their company is too small to make such big changes. 

Is this a valid argument? Why should small companies adopt a paperless approach? Here are some benefits that may influence your decision:

 #1 Easy access to information for field workers

Data stored in the app is readily available. Appointment details, tasks, previous activities history, customer data, and alternative solutions with real-time access. An employee doesn’t have to search for the information in paper documents and they are better prepared to complete the task.

#2 Faster information flow

The data is entered into a report during or immediately after the visit. You receive a set of reliable and complete information. What’s more, the task status or employee’s location is available in real time.

#3 Savings

Lower labor costs associated with printing, circulating, and archiving paper documents.

#4 Security

The VSoft Mobile Workforce application meets OWASP global security requirements. We have also applied numerous security measures which increase the level of data security even more. What do you gain? You eliminate the risk of losing documents, leakage of sensitive information, and data loss.

An application instead of a briefcase

At the first encounter with digitalization, this process may seem difficult, expensive, and very complicated. Is it really so? Not necessarily, if you choose a tool that is intuitive, stable, secure, and ready for immediate implementation

The VSoft Mobile Workforce is precisely what you need. You can test it for free for 30 days and see how these functions facilitate your work while minimizing costs and increasing efficiency. If you decide to make the change, our team will assist you with the implementation and answer any questions you may have. We are sure that even those not well acquainted with new technologies will use the application with great ease.

Are you curious about what functions VSoft Mobile Workforce offers?

  1. Process automation. Data from VMW may be used in other systems and be an element of subsequent activities.
  2. Smooth exchange of information with external contractors. The application can be made available for an external company that performs a particular task, e.g., deliveries, equipment servicing, or surveys.
  3. More accurate data analysis. All information about field visits is aggregated in the system. It can be analyzed without transferring it from other data carriers, e.g., paper documents.

Would you like to learn more? Contact us. We will find a solution tailored to your needs.