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New logo and system name for field work on the way!

In recent weeks, as the VSoft team responsible for developing a field work management system, we’ve been contemplating some changes that will bring a breath of fresh air and modernity to the perception and, above all, the functionality of the system and application.

We present to you the new logo and a makeover of the name from “VSoft Mobile Workforce” to “Mobile Workforce”, aiming to open up to new sectors such as agriculture, construction services, pharmaceuticals, and FMCG. We will be able to assist them in more efficiently managing field work and optimizing business processes to minimize transportation costs.

The new and modernized logo is meant to symbolize a modern approach to teamwork and field workers across various sectors with their own vehicle fleets… But above all, it caters to smaller businesses looking to manage their budgets more efficiently and keep a real-time check on fieldwork statuses.

The diamond-shaped figure that forms the new Mobile Workforce logo is a combination of the symbolism of striving for a perfected and continually refined technological solution for our clients, tailored to their needs. Another aspect in creating the Mobile Workforce logo was a reference to the symbol most commonly seen on maps – destination pins. Our system is a mobile solution for both large and small enterprises, evolving before the eyes of clients actively participating in its improvement to meet their needs.

Join us on our shared journey towards perfection!