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Increased employee efficiency by 26% – Kaczmarski Inkasso Case Study

Organizations operating in the debt collection industry face many challenges every day. Handling cases requires hundreds of hours a month spent talking to debtors, making countless field visits, and processing various types of data. How does a company operating on the market for over 30 years cope with it? Is there room for digitalization and improvements among densely planned processes? Of course, if the people in charge are open to change and want to develop. It is always worth using new methods and tools that improve the results and comfort of work. Kaczmarski Inkasso is a company that has chosen the VSoft Mobile Workforce application and, as a result, has increased the efficiency of its employees by over 26%. 

– “Our company has been on the market for over thirty years. We are the leader in the debt collection industry, and we keep this title thanks to our hard work and willingness for constant development. We have decided to implement VSoft Mobile Workforce because our employees make about 3500 visits a month, and we needed a safe, functional, and reliable tool to facilitate their work. The quality of provided services is extremely important to us,” says Radosław Koński, Director of the Debt Collection Department at Kaczmarski Inkasso.

Kaczmarski Inkasso has been supporting Polish entrepreneurs in debt collection for years. It addresses its offer to corporate clients and small businesses in all sectors. The values inherent in the organization’s DNA are essential in the daily work of the team. The actions they undertake require a flexible yet very professional approach. Being effective is one thing, but in the B2B sector, it is crucial that a client continues to have a good relationship with their contractor after the case is closed. 

The quality of service is of great significance for Kaczmarski Inkasso, which is best proved by the numerous awards and top positions in rankings where clients’ opinions are essential. With all the information we gathered, we reckoned that the proposed solution had to ensure a positive Customer Experience. Therefore, we recommended VSoft Mobile Workforce with a clear conscience.


The implementation of the VSoft Mobile Workforce application was aimed at: 

  • Increasing efficiency of debt management –  the improvements were to concern all processes in the company. The goal was to be achieved through the digitalization of documents and particular tasks. 
  • Increasing the quality of service –  data collected in the application should be detailed and comprehensive. Using the tool, a field employee can present a solution tailored to the particular customer’s needs. 
  • Improving the reporting process –  replacing a pile of documents with electronic data that can be used to prepare summaries, draw conclusions, and optimize. 
  • Increasing the security of processed data –  digitalization of all processes with the highest security standards.

The project took about 4 months. What were the particular stages? 

  1. Application deployment in a test environment
  2. Configuring the application to support KI staff in day-to-day field tasks
  3. Procurement and configuration of mobile devices for application deployment
  4. Application security audit and debugging before production deployment 
  5. Application launch for a small group of employees to “warm it up”
  6. Full production deployment

After implementing the application, we offered the client maintenance services with the possibility of extending the scope if needed.

Increased team efficiency by 26%

When the new tool was introduced, the Kaczmarski Inkasso mobile team consisted of 50 people. Since VSoft Mobile Workforce is highly intuitive, even the people who rarely used modern technologies quickly mastered the available functionalities and started using the application in their everyday work. It resulted in a 26% increase in field team efficiency. 

Moreover, the number of completed visits per month rose by 10% due to process automation. The time savings generated by optimizing travel routes enabled the team to complete additional assignments. Customer satisfaction has also improved following professionally conducted visits, as employees are always equipped with a set of comprehensive information. The purpose of the meeting with a creditor is clearly defined, and an employee has a ready-made action plan at hand. For B2B customers, this aspect is crucial when deciding to cooperate with a debt collection company. It translated into a growing number of cases entrusted to the company and the achievement of business goals. 

Communication processes are also improved. With a complete set of data, a field worker can submit specific questions to the office or provide comprehensive visit follow-up information much faster. 

It contributes to a more effective reaction to undesirable situations. The application was designed to fully automate data transmission and data management processes that minimize the risk of data leakage or storing confidential information for longer than stipulated in an agreement.

Data security

Data processing in fieldwork is an extremely important issue. We are well aware data security is critical for our clients. That is why we put emphasis on ensuring the security of our application. VSoft Mobile Workforce is equipped with mechanisms for controlling and securing data flow and processing (GDPR) – including data retention mechanisms. The application is secured according to global standards of the Open Web Application Security Project, in compliance with ASVS 4.0 and mASVS-L2 requirements.

– VSoft Mobile Workforce is continuously being expanded and updated. “The tool was created to facilitate the daily work of managers and field teams, and it is the users’ feedback that guides us along the path of development. We are proud of Kaczmarski Inkasso’s success and thankful for your trust,” says Dawid Gębala, Product Owner at VSoft.

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