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How is VSoft Mobile Workforce developing? 3 key changes in the new version

In the latest version of VSoft Mobile Workforce, we have added a number of improvements, starting from the most important from the users’ point of view, and ending with small enhancements of efficiency, UX and UI, that our team considered necessary. 😊

So what has changed? First of all, 3 aspects of the application’s operation, that is GPS precision, the possibility to request a dedicated report, and increased security level. The scope of changes also includes new views in the Administration Panel.

Let’s dive into details!

GPS position of the mobile worker

Taking into account our customers’ needs, we’ve added the option of requiring GPS position only for specific questions included in the report. So far, the functionality was limited to the requirement of logging the position or the lack of such requirement, regardless of the answers provided in the report.

Thanks to the introduced change, it is possible to create such types of reports or to indicate specific questions in the survey, which will permanently require sharing the GPS position. Otherwise sending the report will be impossible.

Of course it is an option, that offers new possibilities, but it is up to the company how it will be used.

This change is also related to another one – the precision of determining the GPS position. We managed to reduce the occurrence of ‘GPS Bouncing’, thanks to which, the position logged by the mobile worker, that is visible on the map, will be more accurate.

The “User Map” view in the Administration Panel has also been modified.

Dedicated reports

Creating own reports or using predefined ones is sometimes insufficient if the organization has unusual KPIs or wants to extract data for analysis that is not directly visible from the dashboard. To meet these needs, we decided to add an option of placing orders by customers for the creation of a dedicated report with processing of data available in VSoft Mobile Workforce. Due to the fact that such reports are not predefined, we also provide a plugin that needs to be installed in order to run them.

This function also allows to send reports to employees periodically to their e-mail addresses. These can be, for example, lists of completed visits, distance traveled, collected funds, surveys filled, etc. Doesn’t that open up the field for gamification? 😉

Security of VSoft Mobile Workforce application

As a software house cooperating i.a. with the financial industry we are fully aware of how important the data security is. We also know, that there is no option to take care of this issue once and for all.

In the latest version of VMW, we have introduced new security functions, including:

  1. ‘Root’ detection on devices with Android system;
  2. Managing the length of user sessions and automatic log out from the app after the session expires.

Protecting against access to data by unauthorized persons or bots requires constant attention and up-to-date technological data. It is our specialty and the distinguishing feature of the VSoft Mobile Workforce application!

Free trial

If you are not using VSoft Mobile Workforce yet, we encourage you to try out all its features, including the newest ones. 😉 We hope that the tool will meet your expectations!

Remember to share with us your opinion after the trial period is over.

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