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New module for route planning and optimization

With each edition of VSoft Mobile Workforce we present to our customers a set of changes covering many different aspects of using the tool. We have to admit, that this time the list is quite short. Surprised? No worries! The new features introduced in the current release relate mainly to one, but the most important function, which is route optimization.

Route planning and optimization module

This time we decided to focus on the key functionality of our solution for field work managers and expand it by adding a separate route planning and optimization module. This option allows you to plan a task calendar for many users, e. g. several days in advance, based on information defined by the manager. In the administration panel, you only need to indicate, which tasks are to be performed, specify the date range, and select mobile users. VSoft Mobile Workforce will complete the entire complicated planning process automatically within seconds. This is not only convenient comfortable from the point of view of employees who no longer have to set their own schedule but also optimal in terms of using the time and resources of the field team.

Hit the road with a set of new features

Comfort when working in the field is difficult to achieve, which is why any help in this area is so important. VSoft Mobile Workforce application is a tool that supports field employees in carrying out their tasks on a daily basis. When developing our tool, we always take into account the feedback from users in order to provide the most expected and needed improvements in the next releases.

The new release of VMW includes 3 changes to the mobile app:

  • Displaying detailed information about current traffic.
  • Possibility to re-send a report.
  • Quick actions on data fields, e.g. copy, call, open a map.
Map of report and users

In the new version of VMW, the map presenting reports and users’ locations has been restructured. Currently, the tool allows you to display data for multiple users at the same time. Thanks to that a manager can quickly compare routes and places visited by mobile users.

If you don’t use VSoft Mobile Workforce yet and want to check the described functionalities, try out the latest version of the solution for free!

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