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Enhanced client communication in the New Release of VSoft Mobile Workforce

New VSoft Mobile Workforce will let you communicate with your clients easily, handle orders even better and manage the team of field workers more efficiently. Subsequent functions make the solution increasingly more interactive.

In this version we focused on several aspects. First, communication, what resulted in a portal gathering feedback from a client. The application has been enriched with integration with SMS gateway, allowing to send a visit report via text message (optionally e-mail). The client will be able to accept such report and also add their comments or suggestions. The mechanism of adding address and telephone data has been rebuilt too, now specifying additional information about the contact.

The second important issue is accessibility. We can mention meaningful improvements here:

  • Support for API authentication tokens.
  • Two-factor authentication with the use of SMS generated one time password when logging to administration panel.
  • Activation of the mobile application via SMS.

We have added interesting functions related to orders handling. New automatic rules of assigning tasks allow to use tags. They can be assigned both for tasks and users. Handling tasks rejected by an employee is also a great improvement. We have expanded this process, so that a manager is able to re-assign a rejected task in the administration panel, just by choosing an employee from the list of those available, or by using the rules of automatic task assignment, which let the system select an employee on the basis of defined assignment algorithms.

Dashboard personalisation is another useful function. The home page of the application can be adjusted as per user needs. All widgets presented on the home page can be freely configured, rearranged or removed.

The last update on the list will surely be appreciated by those who manage teams of field workers in VMW. We have added system notifications for the most important events. Users are now informed about new reports, failed automatic task assignments and mobile app activations.

If you want to learn the details about the changes in the new release of VSoft Mobile Workforce, please contact Yevheniia Zakharova.

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