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Has our podcast with the Escola Mobile succeeded?

Just before the Easter (09.04.2020) our Product Owner Dawid Gębala was invited to podcast run by Escola Mobile – the Polish company dedicated to analyzing market of mobile applications for business. The podcast was dedicated to the VSoft Mobile Workforce – the mobile application nominated in Mobile Trends Awards, the Polish Oscar in the mobile application market. Let’s have a look at the summary of very interesting, almost 1,5h podcast and find out what those two gentlemen were talking about.

Mobile application  – what is it?

As Dawid Gębala, the Product Owner of the VSoft Mobile Workforce, mentioned, it is not only  an application but also whole ecosystem. It is the solution that supports and helps to facilitate daily work of people professionally dedicated to field activities – thus conducting tasks with customers outside of the company office. Today the application is available to the public via Google Play (for Android based devices) and pretty soon it will also be available in AppStore for IOS users. It is very important to emphasis that this application can be used by both small and big companies, that handle from hundreds up to millions of tasks. Generally speaking – everywhere where work is manual and is done in a field – the VSoft Mobile Workforce will do the job. Today the solution is implemented for 6 clients and is actively used by minimum 300 users. The thing worth to mention is that the application is constantly being developed according to its roadmap. It is complex and global solution.

How did it all start?

What is the origin of the application? As they say a necessity is a mother of invention. One day, one of our clients – the debt collection department in one of the Polish banks- needed an application for handling tasks by field employees. We found the idea very interesting, so we went for it. We managed to implement not only a solution, but also design a product that can be easily used by other clients. Why did we think that using application in the context of debt collection will be a good idea? First, the debt collection business is expanding very dynamically. Secondly, the companies that have teams of field employees are focused on optimization, together with results and effectiveness increase of their field workforce. Challenge accepted! That’s how the VSoft Mobile Workforce was born.

The first version of the application was adjusted to the specifics of field debt collection agent. Today, with many new functionalities implemented supporting daily work of field employee (e.g. route optimization, cash handling), the application can be used by companies form other sectors. Thus, not only debt collection business can benefit, but also insurance, credits, loans – to sum up-everywhere where there are sale leads handled, technical, construction or sanitary inspections and receptions. Every time we talk about field work and tasks to be handled, the answer is VSoft Mobile Workforce. We need to mention one very important advantage of the application – the speed of field visit report submitting to Admin/Manager who orders tasks. Talking about the application functionalities, it is worth to point the employee’s tasks monitoring, location tracking, security. The last one refers not only to the security of data collected in the application but also to employee’s security. But let’s have a closer look at the data security. Here we have a big thing of the GDPR. How is it supported? Theses are the question very often asked by our clients. The application is fully compliant with the requirements of the GDPR. Since the application is used by banks, we were obliged to make it compliant with the highest security requirements.

Is it product?

We, VSoft are focused on making VSoft Mobile Workforce an out-of-box application. You might ask, really? Is the application so general that the same application can be used by different clients? Absolutely! When designing it, we have focused on broad possibilities of configuration to make it easily adjustable to different clients. Thus, today, without big investment or application redesign, the application can be easily used by companies from different sectors such as loan, insurance, leasing, etc. As well by companies acting globally. Going global is our current focus, so today the application is available expect for Polish, in English and Ukrainian language and have some users in very interesting place which is Vietnam. We are proud that by designing the product for debt collection we were able to build a solution that can be broadly implemented. The other thing worth mentioning is that VSoft Mobile Workforce was designed “in the field” – all current and future functionalities reflects the needs and requirements of current and potential clients.

What are the challenges, problems, resistance and barriers?

Unfortunately, it happens that some companies do not see advantage of implementing such solution as VSoft Mobile Workforce. Of course, buying application mean spending money. But if we take a closer look at the benefits of implementing the application, such as confirmed saving of field employees time (20%), possibility of handling bigger number of cases in shorter time, so these are pretty huge saving that we can gain with the VSoft Mobile Workforce.

Sometimes companies are afraid of problems with integration. They are not ready, or to be more precise, their solutions are not ready to be integrated with other solution for instance mobile application. As the IT company we are not only provider of the solution but also integrator. We are not only software house but also business partner.

The last barrier with buying the solution, as it seems recently, was resistance of older people to use the application. We have run a pilotage with one of companies, where we found very interesting things. The older employees were very eager to test the application, very active and engaged in the project. In the end these older people did not have any problems with using the application. The VSoft Mobile Workforce has no age limits, it can be used easily by both advanced technologically people and those who use basic functionalities of the phone. These all it possible thanks to our philosophy of designing the applications – user friendly.

To sum up, who is this application dedicated for? The VSoft Mobile Workforce works perfectly not only in debt collection but also supporting sale, credit or loan processes. As well as in each company providing door-to-door services.

To know how the application works, what are its full functionalities, security issues as well as future development plans just enter our site and try free demo (order DEMO).