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The VSoft Mobile Workforce application is now available on Google Play!

The improvements introduced not only boost the comfort of our clients’ work, but also affect its results.

The application update includes support for the OAuth 2 protocol in the public API, application security meeting the ASVS 4 standard in level 2, and support for logging in using ActiveDirectory accounts.

As a part of the quarterly update, we also decided to expand VSoft Mobile Workforce with functionalities such as registration of receipt of payments, allowing to generate a periodic report with the amount of cash received by the debt collector from clients.

As well as, adding an option to send a text message, e-mail message or printing letters directly from the mobile application based on defined templates. Another feature is possibility of using a digital signature, which affects the reliability and security of the information provided.

More information about the implemented changes can be found in the article “Security, Google Play and digital signature – What’s new in VSoft Mobile Workforce“.