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Security, Google Play and digital signature – What’s new in VSoft Mobile Workforce

The VSoft Mobile Workforce product has been supporting the everyday work of mobile employees for years. The application quickly and easily automates many tedious and repetitive activities, which allows companies to increase employee efficiency while minimizing its costs.

VSoft Mobile Workforce is a tool full in precisely selected functionalities, however, thanks to the user friendly designed interface, navigating the application is intuitive and easy to learn for every user.

A few days ago we could see a new version of the application expanded with additional functionalities. Some of them have been implemented as a result of the feedback we have received from our clients. Knowing the specifics of the work of product users, we have decided to introduce new solutions that will make the application even more supporting the tasks of people working in the field.

VSoft Mobile Workforce allows for comprehensive handling of tasks by mobile employees, automating, supporting and improving implemented processes, thanks to the use of application capabilities such as:

  • Implementation of field visits – reviewing and downloading tasks to be done by employees working in the field, as well as reporting in a real time results of tasks completed.
  • Reporting meeting results – all arrangements resulting from the meeting are reported by the employee. Each report is adapted to the nature of the meeting and reminds a field employee to enter specific information.
  • The coordinator has the possibility to prepare a report from the field visit which may include account photos, attachments, documents, surveys or declarations. The completed report goes to the coordinator’s desktop, which allows for fast planning of the further activities.
  • Tasks Schedule – the built-in calendar allows to manage planned tasks, taking into account the employee’s availability and occupancy.
  • Work control – employees activities can be constantly monitored, thus it is possible to quickly introduce changes in tasks assigned to a specific employee.
  • Work settlement – the ability to effectively settle employees on the basis of field tasks carried out and the route traveled.

During the last application update, we also introduced several new features:

  • The ability to download the application directly from Google Play.
  • Option to send text message, e-mail message or print letters directly from the mobile application based on templates defined by the coordinator.
  • The e-mail messages can be digitally signed, which affects the credibility and security of the information provided.
  • Payment acceptance registrations, i.e. a mechanism where client can pay his/her liability (or part of it) by passing cash over to the field debt collector and this cash received form the client can be registered in the report. The application also allows to generate a report showing the amount of cash received by the debt collector from clients at the end of a given billing period.
  • As a goal to increase the security and convenience of using Mobile Workforce, the application has been enriched with support for logging in using accounts from ActiveDirectory. Thanks to this, the administrator does not have to define the data of new application users every time, they are automatically downloaded from the organization.
  • Support for the OAuth 2 protocol in the public API, and the ability to define the OAuth application through the WWW panel as an additional security for Mobile Workforce in the organization.
  • An application security update has also been introduced, which currently meets the ASVS 4 standard on the level 2.

The changes implemented are the result of our cooperation with clients in accordance with the constant response to the needs of mobile workforce and modern technological possibilities. The tool, which is adapted to the specifics of field work, allows to increase employee efficiency and accelerate the process of transferring information while saving work. These benefits presented are just few of many results of using the tool.


Edyta Banaś, marketing specialist