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Set up your Mobile Workforce with no effort with the New Release

Managing the field work means you need to remember about numerous interconnections, like in life. Performing an installation requires to prepare drawings and gather technical documentation, making a repair depends on delivering parts on time, and before visiting a customer to conclude a new contract it is necessary to agree on conditions and verify data first. In practice, this makes your teams’ to-do list grow like a pile of multi-colored sticky notes, probably causing you a recurring headache.

Efficient field work coordination

You might have guessed by now that we will not leave you without a solution. 😊 In the new version of VMW you can link tasks by adding “parent” – “child” relations. This way you are able to find related tasks easily, browse the history of the actions made on a task, or view the data you are interested in. To make your work even more efficient, we added the option of creating a copy of the task based on the one that already exists in the system. We are certain, that you will also like to manage tasks by using the drag&drop method in the calendar available in the Administration Panel.

Easy application configuration

You work with different tools on a daily basis and would like to spend as little time as possible configuring them? While the administration of IT systems is not your passion, you probably don’t really like frequent changes of settings and checking their correct operation. In this delicate matter, we have also introduced improvements, thanks to which you can easily and quickly adapt VMW to your needs, integrate the tool with other systems and protect yourself in case of reconfiguration.

The extended API allows you to use several new methods of integration VMW application in terms of configuration, incl. types of templates for tasks, actions, messages and letters generated from the system level, as well as all configuration parameters.

Mobile application ideally suited to field activities

Being in the office, you have access to all data about your clients and orders, but it is equally important that your field employees have a preview of the history of assigned tasks and are kept informed about changes. The fast flow of information translates, above all, into better organization of work and allows to eliminate errors.

In the new version of VMW the history of activities on tasks is also available in the mobile app (preview of reports sent on a task, preview of changes after updating a task, preview of sent actions).

There are also automatic notifications about the changes on a task. In the activity view the application shows information such as: update of data on a task, notification about new tasks assigned, rescheduling a visit or a reminder of expiring deadline.

Probably many have been waiting for it – in this release we have implemented the possibility of integration with Google Maps as an alternative to OSM.

Are you curious of new functionalities? Test them right away!

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