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Dawid Gębala, Product Owner of our application at Jędrzej Paulus, from Escola Mobile, on Thursday

The beginning of this year was a time of hard work for our team but at the same time acknowledgment. We have launched a new product website, we have been nominated for the Mobile Trends Awards 2019 in the category: Business / For Companies, we have launched a new version of the application and we have boasted development plans for the second quarter of 2020. But we don’t think just stop there!

Due to the great interest in the VSoft Mobile Workforce application, we received an invitation from Jędrzej Paulus from Escola Mobile for a live podcast. On the other side of the microphone will be present the Product Owner of our VSoft Mobile Workforce application, Dawid Gębala. Gentlemen will talk about mobile applications, including our solution. What was the main influence to create such an application and what challenges we had to face and which we face today –  these are just some question that Dawid will answers on April 9 at 19:00.

The broadcast will be available on our Facebook and LinkedIn profile. See you soon!