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Do you offer door-to-door services and have problems with the organization of tasks?

See how easily it can be improved without big investments!

What if a service technician in your company could receive orders and contact the customer using one application? Making an appointment, setting a route, confirming the scope of work, receiving the service, as well as sending a report based on ready-made templates… all of it can be done with the phone that your employee always has with him. This solution is convenient for both the manager, the service technician and the customer who receives SMS notifications and is kept informed about the stage of the service.

LetÔÇÖs take a look at how it works using the example of a modern car service operating in the door-to-door service model.
  1. Mark, a team manager, assigns tasks using the rules set in the application, thanks to which he can automatically check the occupancy of individual service technicians.
  2. In this way, Arthur, one of the employees, receives 3 orders for today, which he must plan in such a way that he can reach clients in distant parts of the city. Nothing easier! He only needs to add addresses, set time intervals and click “Optimize route” ­čśë Now, just a quick phone call to the customer to confirm the visit.
  3. Basia, who yesterday was surprised by the engine failure in her beloved car, immediately after the conversation has received an SMS saying that the service technician is on his way. It’s good that she was able to arrange a repair so quickly. She has already packed her suitcases for a trip with her friends in the mountains, planned six months earlier!
  4. Arthur picked up the car, diagnosed the fault and sent Basia a list of necessary repair work. After her acceptance, he can go about completing the order and drive the car back to the client. Basia receives a report with the scope of work performed. Her husband will definitely be interested in this ­čÖé
  5. Mark receives reports with all tasks completed, which allows him to improve the management of the entire team and analyze employees effectiveness.

Since the implementation of VSoft Mobile Workforce, the company has carried out orders 20% faster, and customer satisfaction has increased significantly.v

Will this solution work in your business? Definitely yes, if you employ a team of field workers, you expect faster order processing and better reports. The VSoft Mobile Workforce application will facilitate contact with your clients and positively influence the company’s image.

VSoft Mobile Workforce in door-to-door services
on the example of a car service